Koliko customers walk in great satisfaction because we use up-cycled materials to co-create unique handmade shoes that suit every occasion.

Our aim is to ensure high-quality footwear in a way of protecting our environment and to train the youth and therefore create employment. We are proud to produce locally made in Tadi, Ghana shoes.


Handmade Shoes made in Takoradi, Ghana

„Our customer walk on great satisfaction as we are only using eco-friendly up-cycled materials to build handmade shoes for every wearing occasion. Thereby, our aim is to ensure a high quality and that we educate the youth and reduce unemployment. We are proud of producing locally, made in Takoradi, Ghana.“

Koliko Wear

We deliver quality locally made shoes made from environmentally friendly materials.

Pakos Ave, Takoradi Market-Circle, Ghana

Phone: +233 20 759 2478


We deliver to you anywhere you are. Let us know your location and we will get the product to you.


We create tailormade shoes at the request of the customer. You can place your order via Whatsapp, Facebook or by Phone   


Cash and Mobile Money transfer are accepted for payment

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