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We are a social enterprise that seeks to support skilled and opportunity seeking youth producing innovative products which are environmentally friendly.

Our enterprise was founded on the idea of building a social business that has as its main focus to make good shoes while fostering young talents, supporting the unemployed and protecting the environment.


As a truly Ghanaian start-up it is our conviction that high product quality can go hand in hand with a green and social business philosophy and affordable prices as well as a friendly and reliable customers’ service.


We engage skilled young people who have talent but do not have the opportunity to start their own business. Our innovations are mainly built around their skills and contributions. That is why our young employees receive allowance and support in diverse ways. It is our hope that in the near future they will be able to start something of their own.


Our enterprise is founded on these core principles:

o Creating avenues for the youth to be engaged in doing something with their skills or learning a skill for their future

o Using up-cycled and recycled material to cut down waste in order to protect the environment

o Using part of our proceeds to support projects that fall in line with our principles






Peter Anowie (Left)


Kwabena Obiri Yeboah (Right)

Koliko Wear

We deliver quality locally made shoes made from environmentally friendly materials.

Pakos Ave, Takoradi Market-Circle, Ghana

Phone: +233 20 759 2478



We deliver to you anywhere you are. Let us know your location and we will get the product to you.



We make customised shoes at the request of the customer



To be informed about our new products, do stay in touch with us on



Cash and Mobile Money transfer are accepted for payment

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